Vivitrol®, (Naltrexone), Treatment for Opiate and Alcohol Dependency

Opioids and alcohol addiction shares many features with other chronic illnesses, an onset and course that is influenced by environmental conditions and behaviors, and the ability to respond to appropriate medication and psychosocial treatment, which may include long-term lifestyle modification. Deciding to commit to treatment for alcohol or opioids dependence is not an easy choice, but realizing that it has to be done is the first step in the recovery process.

People who are dependent on alcohol or opioids are more likely to recover and less likely to relapse when they are treated with medicine and counseling together. Professional groups like the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association say that adding medicine to a counseling program for dependence can help increase your chances for recovery.

Vivitrol® is a prescription injectable medicine used to prevent relapse to Heroin / opioids dependence, after detox and to treat alcohol dependence. To be effective, Vivitrol® must be used along with recovery programs, such as counseling.

Before starting Vivitrol®, tell your healthcare provider about your entire medical conditions, Once Injectable Vivitrol®, is injected, it is impossible to eliminate from the body. The onset of Injectable Vivitrol® effect will probably occur within several hours although full effectiveness may not occur for two to three days following first injection. The duration of the effects appears to be thirty days. Injectable Naltrexone/Vivitrol blocks the effects of opioid and opiods-like drugs (e.g., heroin, opioid analgesics, opioid-based antidiarrheals, and antitussives) for up to 30 days, which may complicate the treatment of pain if it occurs during this period. Patients should be assured that other options for analgesia exist.

Injectable Naltrexone/Vivitrol is more likely to reduce cravings if it is used in conjunction with psychosocial interventions, such as specialized substance abuse treatment and community supports that include counseling, twelve step, etc.

Vivitrol®, is a Pregnancy Category C drug and there are not well documented studies in pregnant women. The potential effect on labor and delivery are unknown.

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