When it comes to teen substance abuse, it seems like we are always playing catch up. Anytime a new drug hits the streets, its popularity soars, and we find ourselves fighting against it. At the same time, drugs that have been around for years sometimes rise sharply and unexpectedly in popularity.

The primary factors that seem to affect increased or decreased drug use among teens are perceived risk, perceived social approval, and perceived availability. The more risky or less accepted a drug is thought to be, the less likely it will be used by teens. Perceived availability is often associated with overall social approval, and so, a drug that’s readily available is considered socially acceptable and will likely increase in use. While these seem like common sense factors, how these perceptions are created is harder to understand.

To help combat teen substance abuse, Seashore Family Services of New Jersey (SFSNJ) now offers Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment which incorporates:

  • Educational and Therapy Services
  • Anger Management/Truancy
  • Support Building for Teens and Family Members
  • Relapse Prevention Planning

We believe that the earlier one seeks help for their teen’s behavioral or drug problems, the better the outcome.

Remember, SFSNJ accepts commercial insurances for their substance abuse and counseling services.

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