Our Proven Success

All of our clients give us positive references, and some clients have proactively referred other clients to us without our asking.

Our People

We hire only experienced professionals with a proven track record of success; We encourage continued personal growth for all of our staff members through professional training and through challenging assignments. We hire, promote, and retain only those professionals who live our values, who achieve results, work well as part of a team, are honest, and have a high degree of integrity.

Our Full Range of Services

Our programs are focused on insuring successful results. The Agency is licensed by the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services and monitors our patients outcomes. We are proud to see a high percentage of our clients completing treatment successfully.

Our Values

We believe that living our values has been and continues to be one of the keys to our success. Our focus on results pleases both our clients and our staff. Our approach to teamwork ensures that our staff works well with each other and with our partners and our clients. Operating with integrity means that we do the right thing‚ as individuals and as a company, even when it’s not easy. Honesty means‚no surprises because we tell our clients the truth about their status and our employees the truth about their performance. Finally, getting results, working as a team, and doing business honestly and with integrity is satisfying. Our employees have fun doing their jobs and our clients tell us that they enjoy working with us.